Halloween Giveaway Winner & Your Favorite Costumes Recap

Halloween has come and gone along with our contest, and I am happy to announce that the winner of the Halloween giveaway is Alysha Millette! Read on for a recap of some highlights from your contest entries.

My personal favorite childhood costume was the year I dressed up as Jasmine from Aladdin. My eight-year-old-self was very indignant that my parents insisted I wear a turtleneck underneath. Ha!

Our winner, Alysha, was one of several of you that dressed as Raggedy Ann. Here’s a nifty bar graph I made for you to see which costumes were the biggest hits:

favorite halloween costumes

The favorite childhood Halloween costumes (click to enlarge)

And here are some highlights from the recaps:

I was Xena Warrior Princess.. haha does that show my age?

- Twylah Jane Woods

My costumes always sucked, but if I had to choose I would go with the redneck clown…thing. HA

-Amber Terry

My FAVE childhood costume was a Judge. My dad bent a clothes hanger to some awesome glasses for me and we used white toilet paper tubes stapled together for a wig. This was my best costume ever and was a real hit!

-Darrah Bailey

My mom decided to let me make my own costume (age 5). I used all cheap newspaper roll paper (my dad worked for the paper) and cut out my 5 year old version of a skeleton which I taped to my clothes. Most of the costume had ripped or fallen off before I was done trick or treating. The parents must have felt sorry for me so I ended up getting more candy that year than any other during my childhood.

-Karen Gepfert Dwight

Other honorable mentions include Miriam’s entry – she had to be carried door to door by her Dad since she couldn’t walk – and Erin’s huge spider costume that she used to sleep in!

Thanks to all who entered! Hearing about all of your creative costumes was enormously entertaining. I hope everyone enjoys the spoils of Trick-or-Treating…and/or the candy collected by their kids, their friends’ kids, or their co-workers’ kids. Someone’s got to collect that candy tax, am I right? Happy Halloween!